July 23, 2021

Gerrit Cole’s wife says goodbye to Houston ahead of Yankees intro (New York Post)

Gerrit and Amy Cole are closing their Houston chapter.

On Tuesday, the wife of the new Yankees ace paid tribute to their former city, hours before Cole’s New York introduction.

“As is the case with baseball, you don’t often get to control where your life will take you,” Amy began on Instagram. “In our case, baseball brought us to Houston and the Astros two years ago and we will forever be grateful for our time there. We were welcomed from day one and made to feel a part of the community – like it was where we were meant to live and grow. And, man, did we grow.”

In January 2018, Cole was traded by the Pittsburgh Pirates to the Astros, which included “two inspiring playoff runs.”

“Our time in Houston was chock-full of wins both on and off the field. We made friends that now feel like family. We experienced the support of unwavering fans that always held hope until the bottom of the 9th (or, in some cases, extra innings),” Amy continued. “We discovered the wonder of Tex-Mex and fell in love with the city’s summer storms. Remembering what it was like to watch G flourish there, with so much encouragement from those around him (both from inside the…

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