July 29, 2021

Mets’ Yoenis Cespedes manipulations set up Dellin Betances chase (New York Post)

The Mets have put out the vibe they are “nowhere near done” this offseason, an industry source said Monday. As well they shouldn’t be, not after scoring a huge victory over their own player Yoenis Cespedes that left them with about $20 million more of wiggle room for their 2020 player payroll.

Given the secrecy surrounding the Cespedes settlement — the result of the eccentric outfielder agreeing to dramatically reduce his salary rather than selling his “I fell into a hole on my ranch due to an interaction with an animal, and that’s how I suffered multiple fractures to my right ankle” story to a third-party arbitrator — it isn’t clear precisely how far this change drops the Mets below the $208 million luxury-tax threshold. The respected website Spotrac projected the Mets’ figure to be at nearly $217 million before Cespedes accepted his pay cut.

Really, though, no team should care less about its luxury-tax number than the Mets. Not with Cespedes making far less, both last year and this year, than his recalculated annual average value for the contract that was supposed to pay him $110 million over four years. Not with an insurance settlement in place for…

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