July 29, 2021

Kyle Schwarber and the Yankees remain elusive trade match (New York Post)

Kyle Schwarber is the trade possibility the Yankees can’t stop checking on.

The Yankees and Cubs have been engaging in conversations about the 26-year-old slugger recently, according to The Athletic. Schwarber has been on the Yankees’ radar since 2016 with a swing that looks perfect for the short porch in right field.

While there has been little progress in the talks, it underscores the Yankees’ need for more left-handed bats.

Schwarber is coming off his most complete season with the Cubs since the organization drafted him fourth overall in 2014, blasting 38 homers and collecting 92 RBIs in 155 games. However, Schwarber, led all National League left fielders in errors (six) and had the lowest fielding percentage of all MLB left fielders (.974).

The recent departure of shortstop Didi Gregorius, as The Post’s George King pointed out, leaves Brett Gardner and Mike Tauchman as the only two left-handed hitters on the Opening Day 26-man roster.

“Ultimately, we are trying to find the best players. If it can balance the lineup, even better. It’s good to balance the lineup with another lefty,” Yankees vice president and assistant GM Michael Fishman said following…

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