August 5, 2021

The best and worst free-agent signing of the decade for all 30 MLB teams (ESPN)

So here we are. Gerrit Cole is in pinstripes. Madison Bumgarner will be in … hey, what will the Diamondbacks be wearing in 2020? Anthony Rendon is in Los Angeles, but not with the Dodgers. Stephen Strasburg remained with the Nationals. How will these deals work out? Check back in many years.

What we can do is check back on the 2010s on how free agency worked — or didn’t work — for all 30 franchises.

For each team we’ll list the total dollars committed in free agency (starting with new contracts for the 2010 season, not including money carried over from previous deals), where they ranked in the decade in wins, the biggest contract and the best and worst contracts. The year listed for contracts is the first season of the deal. It’s easy to view the bad contracts as criticism for the players involved. That’s not necessarily fair. They earned their money: Some team agreed to pay them. That’s the nature of free agency, of course, since you’re projecting future performance for players often in their 30s. And remember, while many free agents end up being overpaid, they were all underpaid earlier in their careers.

Division-by-division bests and worsts: AL East | AL Central | AL West |…

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