July 26, 2021

Dodgers and Indians Discussions Reportedly Involve Lindor and Clevenger (Dodgers Nation)

While the major free agent signings have taken place, there are still moves to be made. Now is the time of the off-season where MLB teams get creative and think outside the box to fill a need.

Furthermore, David Vassegh joined MLB Network on Thursday late afternoon to talk about one of these scenarios. Interestingly enough, the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers continue to talk key parts of a Francisco Lindor deal. Equally important – the name Mike Clevinger has now entered the equation for the Dodgers – according to Vassegh.

You can see the content of the segment in the video below, which we will break down for you.

Obviously, one of the key components of any trade with the Indians seems to remain Gavin Lux. Remember, Lux has six years of control remaining for the Dodgers or any presumptive team. Of course, this makes him extremely valuable in any trade, aside from his high…

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