August 5, 2021

MLB taking Astros investigation to next level: ‘76,000 emails’ (New York Post)

SAN DIEGO — Major League Baseball’s probe of the Astros’ illegal sign-stealing features enough electronic communication to get even Hillary Clinton’s attention.

“I think that this is probably the most thorough investigation that the commissioner’s office has ever undertaken,” Rob Manfred said Wednesday of the Astros inquiry. “I think we’ve interviewed already nearly 60 witnesses, [read] 76,000 e-mails, a whole additional trove of instant messages.”

The volume and scope of the endeavor, the baseball commissioner said, prevented him from offering a timeline for completion, though he has said previously he would like to complete it by the start of spring training. The investigation also covers the Astros’ actions in the wake of former assistant general manager Brandon Taubman’s targeting of a female reporter shortly after Houston eliminated the Yankees in the American League Championship Series.

Suspensions and fines, if not worse, seem extremely likely, given the on-the-record allegations by former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers and video that has emerged of a 2017 Astros game against the White Sox.

“At this point in the investigation, it would be…

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