July 29, 2021

Dodgers: The Fallout From Missing On Strasburg and Cole (Dodgers Nation)

This week the Dodgers were outbid by the Yankees in their pursuit of right-handed pitcher Gerrit Cole. Not exactly a shocker for Dodger fans. Since the start of the Friedman era, the Dodgers have yet to really outbid anyone, let alone the Yankees. They have typically opted to scrape the bargain bin for the diamond in the roughs. To their credit, it has worked pretty well. Additionally, the Dodgers have won seven consecutive division titles and have advanced to the World Series twice in that time.

However, this off-season was supposed to be different.

It was what the off-season they’ve been targeting for some time — the reason they’ve worked hard to get below the luxury tax threshold. Add in an early NLDS departure from the 2019 postseason following a record 106-win season and more pressure was put on the front office to make some kind of splash in this free agent market.

So far, Stephen Strasburg is off the table, and now Cole. Additionally, star third baseman Anthony Rendon is gone now too, but this article is about pitching.

I don’t blame the Dodgers for not going nine years on Gerrit Cole, but they didn’t even seem in the hunt on Strasburg. So, as far as…

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