July 23, 2021

Yankees wouldn’t let Gerrit Cole get away this time (New York Post)

SAN DIEGO — This time, Gerrit Cole didn’t get away.

It cost the Yankees. More than ever for a pitcher. More than ever on an annual basis for anyone — even Mike Trout.

And that is why Cole will not play with Trout. The Angels were believed to be the other finalist for the righty’s services. But Tuesday night the Yankees reached agreement with Cole on a nine-year, $324 million contract that gives them what they have chased since 2008 — Cole. It gives them the unquestioned ace they have craved as they try to win their first championship since 2009. It probably gives them the designation of 2020 World Series favorite as rosters stand now.

The Yankees began this latest phase of going after Cole believing it might cost them $250 million, perhaps stretching to $275 million. But once Stephen Strasburg signed for a pitching-record, seven years at $245 million on Monday, those hoped-for totals vanished. Cole was two years younger, so he was going to get two years more. He was far healthier and better, so the average value was going to have to be larger.

On Sunday, the pitching record total was $217 million by David Price. Cole is now $117 million north of that. It’s…

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