July 29, 2021

Stark: For the Yankees, it was if not now, when? If not Cole, who? (The Athletic)

SAN DIEGO – If not now, when? If not Gerrit Cole, who?

No team spends $324 million on anybody — let alone an actual human who throws 3,000 pitches a year — without asking those questions. And those ever-thoughtful New York Yankees were asking them constantly this offseason, as they contemplated the most humongous contract ever bestowed on any pitcher in history.

Aces like Gerrit Cole don’t sit on the shelves of the pitching supermarket any time you pull up your shopping cart, you know. So, with good reason, the Yankees viewed Cole as a unique, once-in-a-generation commodity in almost every way: Age, track record, ability to handle the demands of their laid-back little town, intelligence, injury history (or lack thereof), a hunger to be great. This was a man who had it all.

But the other half of this equation was this: If they didn’t sign him, if they didn’t add that ninth year to their offer, if they’d found themselves sitting around next…

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