July 26, 2021

Rosenthal: Sources say the Astros have considered trading Carlos Correa (The Athletic)

The defending American League champion Astros, facing mounting challenges with their payroll, almost certainly will not keep all of their stars long-term.

Among the ideas they have entertained in an attempt to alleviate their payroll crunch, according to major-league sources: A trade of shortstop Carlos Correa, the player they selected with the top pick of the 2012 draft.

No deal appears close, and the timing might not be right for such a move, considering that most teams are set at shortstop and Correa’s trade value is down. But at some point, the Astros will need to make difficult decisions, and Correa might be the odd man out.

A trade of Correa might help the Astros address their pitching shortage at a time when they want to sign center fielder George Springer to a long-term deal, sources said.

The Astros’ projected payroll for 2020 stands at $213.7 million, according to rosterresource.com. Their projected luxury-tax payroll stands at $231…

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