July 23, 2021

Effectively Wild Episode 1467: Strasburg Back (FanGraphs)

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller follow up on (o)possums playing dead, discuss the Nationals signing Stephen Strasburg to a record contract for a pitcher and the implications for the Nationals, Scott Boras, Anthony Rendon, and Gerrit Cole, banter about the possibility of Shohei Ohtani hitting on the days he pitches, the elections of Marvin Miller and Ted Simmons to the Hall of Fame, MLB moving the amateur draft site to Omaha, and the end of marijuana testing for minor leaguers, then review the first 14 of Bill James’s 30 recent suggestions for counteracting baseball’s slowing pace of play and rising strikeout and home run rates.

Audio intro: Grateful Dead, “St. Stephen
Audio outro: The Apples in Stereo, “Stephen Stephen

Link to opossum post
Link to Ben on the Strasburg signing
Link to Jeff on Bruce Chen
Link to Bill James Handbook 2020
Link to order The MVP Machine

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