July 29, 2021

For Gerrit Cole, Dodgers Ownership Needs to Do Whatever it Takes (Dodgers Nation)

After last off-season, when the most prized free agents didn’t sign until well after the Winter Meetings, this year is shaping up to be different. Top free agency prize Gerrit Cole is being courted aggressively, with offers slated to begin this week. 

At the moment, the Yankees are looking like the slam dunk favorite to net Cole. So much so, that Peter Gammons posted a cryptic tweet that seemed to imply it’s a given that he’ll end up in the Bronx: 

The tweet could very well turn out to be a Bob Nightengale-level misfire of conjecture, but it still underlies the reality that the Yankees are stirring to life as the big-spending off-season behemoth they once were for decades. 

With that in mind, It’s time to spell it out: The Dodgers must be willing to meet, or exceed other offers not only in terms of salary and AAV, but years if necessary too. 

Given Cole hits age 30 next year, some may understandably be averse to handing out 7-8 years to him. But even if they’re on tab for a steep decline later on, they will still get his…

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