August 5, 2021

Dodgers: What Would Happen if LA Signed Madison Bumgarner? (Dodgers Nation)

Madison Bumgarner has been a thorn in the Dodgers side all decade long. For starters, there’s his regular season success against Los Angeles, with a 2.72 ERA across 36 games. Of course you can’t forget his postseason accolades, in which Dodger fans have had to watch at home out of jealousy. Lastly, and the biggest reason he is loathed amongst fans, his petty arguments and feuds with a plethora of Dodger players. 

The good news is that Bumgarner is a free agent and poised to leave San Francisco. The frightening part of this is the idea of him signing with the Dodgers. This is a very unlikely scenario, but one worth thinking about. By the off chance Bumgarner signed with the Dodgers, what would happen? Let’s look at a few different perspectives.

The Fans

As a Dodger fan myself, I would find it pretty hard to cheer on Bumgarner after all his shenanigans over the years. Between his whining after surrendering home runs, sly comments…

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