August 5, 2021

Dodgers: A Look Back at Andrew Friedman at the Winter Meetings (Dodgers Nation)

When you have something in your life that provides you with the very oxygen your soul needs to breathe, the days without it can seem endless. There’s something about the baseball season, especially its beginning: it awakens the senses, ignites optimism, renews friendships born of our common hope and aspirations for this team we love.

As the season gets going, as fans, we develop a routine which revolves around the Dodgers, one we hope lasts until the very last week of October: we work during the day, keeping an eye on the day’s events throughout, then watch the action on the field at night. Depending on our lifestyles, we may or may not get to see all games, but we always know what’s happening on and off the field, and often the promise that it won’t be long until the next time you see your Boys In Blue can get you through a rough day.

On weekends, there may be a few extra glasses of wine at home and a bit more silly banter on Twitter during games as fans socialize through social media. There’s an ebb and a flow, a comforting structure to it all, and even if the Dodgers are losing, we cling to the knowledge that there is always tomorrow.

Having this joyous…

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