July 23, 2021

Dodgers: Could Max Muncy Be The Key At Third Base? (Dodgers Nation)

In my last article, I outlined the reasons third base is such a focus for the Dodgers to upgrade. Justin Turner’s defense has waned; his offense is good, but not great; and the Dodgers would like another power hitting right-handed batter in the line-up. While he’s not a right-handed hitter, moving Max Muncy to third could be a viable option.


A look at the defensive stats of all third basemen to play 200+ innings last year, Turner wins out over Muncy in some of the classic analysis methods. For example, Muncy committed 6 errors at third. Turner committed 8. The difference though, is Turner’s 8 came over the course of 1,023 innings at the position. Muncy’s 6 errors came over the course of just 234 innings. Furthermore, Muncy’s fielding percentage for those few innings at third was .929 while Turner’s was .973.

Even though errors committed and fielding percentage leans in Turner’s favor, defensively there’s definitely a case to be made for shifting Muncy to third. Muncy’s DRS (Defensive Runs Saved) was 5 to Turner’s -7. Muncy’s UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating) was 0.2, Turner’s was -6.7. Before the previous two statistics were used for defensive…

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