August 5, 2021

Wilpons’ Mets ownership: The highs and lows (New York Post)

The Fred and Jeff Wilpon era has a shelf life. They are in the process of selling 80 percent of the Mets to hedge-fund billionaire Steve Cohen, who would become the majority owner in five years. Here are three highs and lows of the Wilpons’ time as Mets owners:


  • Fred Wilpon becomes majority owner of the Mets in August 2002, purchasing Nelson Doubleday’s 50 percent share in the franchise after accusations between the two of misconduct over how much the team was worth. The two had been 50/50 owners dating back to 1986. At the time Wilpon bought the team from Doubleday, the Mets were valued at $391 million. Today, they are worth an estimated $2.6 billion according to Bloomberg News.
  • In the span of a month, the Mets go big in free agency, signing Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez, two marquee players who contributed to four straight winning seasons and the 2006 NL East crown.
  • In 2015, for the first — and only — time since the Wilpon family took over sole ownership of the franchise, the Mets reach the World Series. It’s a stunning run, considering the team was only one game over .500 on July 24. The Mets overtake the Nationals in the NL East and sweep the Cubs…

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