August 5, 2021

Sarris: What’s the plan in Milwaukee? (The Athletic)

Another day, another signing in Atlanta. With Cole Hamels in the fold, the Braves have now signed a whopping seven free agents. The next-busiest team has signed three. The Brewers have not only not signed a free agent yet, but they’ve also lost four. They’re currently below league average at first base, left field and in the rotation, and their third-base situation is worst in the league, according to projections.

So what’s the plan?

The rumors are all over the place. Josh Hader is in play, but not as a dump — maybe as a way to pry Mookie Betts loose from the Red Sox? Lorenzo Cain is on the block, or he’s not. The Brewers are going to spend less … unless that’s just what they’re telling potential trade partners with expensive players on the block.

It’s tough to see through all the obfuscation, but there’s one fact that is written in stone and can form the bedrock of any plan in Milwaukee: Christian…

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