August 5, 2021

How Tiki Barber became part of Mets history with Steve Cohen scoop (New York Post)

Tiki Barber is a borderline Hall of Fame running back. He ran for more than 10,000 yards in the NFL for the Giants. And now he is part of Mets and New York sports media lore.

Who was the first to mention the Mets were being sold by the Wilpons?

It was Barber on his national CBS Sports Radio show with Brandon Tierney. Late Tuesday afternoon, Barber, in almost an aside, said he heard the Mets were thinking about selling.

“I said, ‘Look, I have friends who know friends and a guy who knows a guy told me that this is what he thinks is going to happen and, if it does, you heard here first,’” Barber told The Post.

Barber was more confident about the information than may have sounded, but he doesn’t look at himself as a reporter, so he left it at that.

The next morning, WFAN’s Boomer & Gio, encouraged by their producer, Al Dukes, made a big deal about the story, though they were mostly joking. Barber declined to come on the show, though his phone blew up.

“Obviously, Al, Boomer and Gio got wind of that and had a field day with it, then it took on a life of itself [Wednesday] morning,” Barber said. “I woke up to like 50 texts. in the text messages people were…

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