August 5, 2021

Hal Steinbrenner’s fans Yankees’ free-agency flames that may soon die (New York Post)

Speaking to YES Network during an interview recorded last month and aired Monday night, Hal Steinbrenner made it clear the Yankees’ door for free agents is far from shut.

“Let me just say all options are open as far as I am concerned,’’ the team’s managing general partner said when asked about the free-agent market that includes right-handed aces Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg in addition to four key members of his own club. “Anything that rolls across my desk I am going to be looking at real seriously. We are going to be active in the free-agent market.’’

The industry belief is that Cole will avoid The Bronx and that Strasburg will return to the World Series-winning Nationals, the only organization he has ever been with.

And there is no ignoring how much the duo, each represented by Scott Boras, will sign for. There has been speculation each could haul in more than $250 million. And while Steinbrenner understands there is no limit to how much starting pitching a team has, he understands the repercussions of passing the third level of the luxury tax at $248 million.

“It’s something we would prefer not to do,” he said. “There are June draft…

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