August 5, 2021

Dodgers: Buster Olney Talks Rich Hill’s Free Agent Market After Injury (Dodgers Nation)

After the news dropped that Dodgers free agent Rich Hill had undergone a fairly invasive elbow operation after the season ended, reactions poured in all over social media. Moreover, experts began to weigh in on what effect Hill’s “primary revision surgery” would have on his free agency.

After all, Hill would be 40 during the 2020 season, and now wouldn’t be expected to be ready until some time around the All-Star break.

Recently at ESPN, baseball writer Buster Olney shared his thoughts on the Hill market.

[Hill] won’t be ready for the start of next year, and he could wait to audition for teams in the spring as he makes his way back from the elbow procedure.

Furthermore, he specifically mentions the Dodgers and Red Sox as two teams that would be a good fit for Hill.

The Dodgers like to compile a volume of starters, and Hill already has a working relationship with L.A.’s medical staff, so re-signing with the NL West champions on spec could make sense for both…

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