May 12, 2021

Top 25 Offseason Trade Candidates (MLB Trade Rumors)

We’ve seen some early free agent action, but with the exception of the recent deal between Milwaukee and San Diego, the trade market has been quiet to this point of the offseason. It’s an opportune time to canvas rosters around the game to find the most intriguing possible candidates to be swapped. The methodology, if you can call it that, is pretty straightforward. We’re ordering players based upon a combination of trade value and trade likelihood. In part due to the wide-open nature of the winter market, as opposed to the trade deadline, we’ll rank a relatively smaller number of players and then provide a list of some (but not all!) other notable possibilities.

In terms of trade value, we’re starting with overall on-field value — with a premium on an ability to make an impact in the current season — and then adjusting for contract and market factors. With contenders’ needs in relatively sharp focus, limitations such as future contract status, age, and niche role…

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