May 11, 2021

Yankees make sure to avoid another playoff-shares fiasco (New York Post)

The Yankees issued 71 full postseason shares this season, the most of any playoff team — a year after they were roundly criticized for handing out just 45 full shares, the fewest of any playoff team.

The news, released by MLB on Tuesday, wasn’t all that surprising, because Zack Britton, who helped run this year’s shares meeting on Sept. 20, said the team made sure there was no repeat of the 2018 debacle.

“It was good. We took care of people. It was my first one here, and it went really good,” Britton said at the time. “I thought we did a good job.”

The team split a pool of $9,703,337.49 with a value of $114,367.19 for each full share. They also had 13.691 partial shares and seven cash awards.

Britton said he didn’t speak at the meeting, deferring to players who had been with the Yankees longer, but he was aware of the negative reaction from last year. He said it came up during the September meeting “a little bit.”

“I wasn’t in [last year’s meeting],” said Britton, who was acquired from the Orioles in July 2018 and was therefore ineligible to vote last year. “We tried to move on to this year.”

Last season, assistant hitting coach P.J….

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