August 5, 2021

Mets’ Stroman defends Carlos Beltran from sign-stealing trolls (New York Post)

Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman defended Carlos Beltran from Twitter trolls who poked fun at the new manager’s alleged role in the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal during the 2017 season.

Stroman tweeted Tuesday that he had talked to Beltran on the phone and was “beyond excited to compete for and learn from this man in 2020” when one social media user, a Yankees fan, responded, “yeah bc he cheated lmaoooooooooo.”

Others also got in on the joke, which prompted Stroman to respond, “No time for any negative talk of my new manager. Thankful for him. Historical legend in the game of baseball.”

In November, The Athletic, citing sources, reported that Beltran (the primary designated hitter on the ’17 champion Astros) and Alex Cora (then-Houston’s bench coach and the current Red Sox manager) played key roles in creating an illegal sign-stealing system at the team’s home ballpark that involved the use of a center-field camera and banging on garbage cans to alert hitters of what pitches were coming.

MLB currently is investigating the matter, and Beltran multiple times has denied cheating to The Post.

Before Beltran’s alleged role in the scandal came to light,…

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