July 26, 2021

Dodgers Reporter Dave Vassegh Talks Joc Pederson’s Thoughts on Astros Scandal (Dodgers Nation)

Joc Pederson recently discussed his thoughts on the Houston Astros cheating scandal that has shocked the sports world and the analysis continued on the Petros and Money Show with AM570 Dodger Talk host David Vassegh.

Here is the audio from the show, with their breakdown of the Astros scandal featuring Vassegh. The conversation starts at the ~29:44 mark.

Joc Pederson’s Initial Reaction

Pederson had his initial reaction last week at the Dodgers 15th annual Thanksgiving turkey hand out event at Dodger Stadium. Moreover, his gut feeling was something close to a gut punch.

“There is a lot that has come out. It is really unfortunate. It brings back a really bad feeling to your stomach like when we lost.”

With Vassegh, the outfielder expanded while resigning himself to the fact that  “it’s over with” no matter what punishment comes down from baseball.

Say you strip [the Astros] of a World Series title and gave the Dodgers a World Series title then it was like… it’s not like there would be a parade, like, you wouldn’t really celeb — I don’t know… it’s over with.


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