April 13, 2021

Dodgers: MLB Insider Says LA Needs To Sign Free Agent Dellin Betances (Dodgers Nation)

Recently, Joel Sherman went on MLB Network and played Los Angeles Dodgers’ general manager for a day. Notably, the first move he would make is to go hard after starting pitcher Gerrit Cole in free agency.

Next up as Dodgers’ general manager, Sherman says he wants to take a shot on a relief ace. Of course, Sherman spells out why that candidate is former New York Yankee Dellin Betances. Honestly, thinking about what Betances was and could be for the Dodgers gets me excited. Now, let’s see what Sherman had to say about it. Remember, you can watch the full video by clicking the tweet below.

If there are some wondering why Betances became a free agent to begin with, he pitched very little in 2019 due to injury.

“For relief pitching I could take maybe a high-end risk on a a one-year guy. The that stands out to me if he is willing to go out West is Dellin Betances. He tore his achilles tendon late in the season and faced two…

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