August 5, 2021

The Dodgers Finally Need a True Leadoff Hitter (Dodgers Nation)

In 2019, Joc Pederson found himself as the Dodgers leadoff hitter nearly two-thirds of the time. Yes, he had the pop and in turn, a respectable OPS, but he lacked other key qualities for that batting slot. Wondering if he was the right man for the job was one of burning the questions fans had all year.

Traditionally, the leadoff spot in the batting order is reserved for certain key qualities.

Two of those qualities are on-base percentage and stolen bases. The thought there is having the right batter leading off, improves the odds of getting a baserunner quickly and having them advance into scoring position quickly. Another key quality is having a batter that sees a lot of pitches. Not only does this quality get the pitch count trending in the right direction, but it allows the rest of the team to see what the pitcher is working with.

The Good

Joc Pederson had 441 plate appearances out of the number one spot over the course of 107 games, of those games he started 103 of them with moderate success. Joc drove in 64 of his career-high 74 RBIs from the leadoff spot. Moreover, he also hit 33 of his career-high 36 home runs in the leadoff spot — 9 of which came as the first…

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