July 23, 2021

Dodgers News: Bowden Talks Francisco Lindor to LA Trade Possibilities (Dodgers Nation)

When it comes to the baseball hot stove, the Dodgers have been linked to just about every premium name out there. From pundits calling out Los Angeles as the new home of free agent third baseman Anthony Rendon, to industry experts believing the club will pursue Gerrit Cole, the Dodgers are widely expected to make a big move this winter.

One of the biggest moves potentially on the board is a trade for Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor. Moreover, Lindor was just the name that former MLB GM Jim Bowden was again talking about at The Athletic on Monday.

The insider notes that as much as Cleveland would love to hold on to Lindor, there is an understanding that “a quarter of their payroll going to one player is not a good formula for winning.” The four-time All-Star can’t be a free agent until the 2021-2022 off-season. He earned nearly $11M in 2019 and is…

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