August 5, 2021

Dodgers: A Look Back at the 2019 Season through Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser (Dodgers Nation)

For those of us blessed enough to let Dodgers baseball become part of our daily lives, watching our team play over the course of 162 games evokes many emotions and memories on and off the field, and if told properly, the story of the season becomes one we cherish with each turning of the page, and we never want to put it down.

Thankfully, for Dodgers fans, the story of our 2019 season was told partly through the eyes of the best broadcast crew in the business — specifically the on-air tandem of Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser.

The manner in which Joe Davis seamlessly stepped into the giant shoes of the legendary Vin Scully is well documented by many, and as his exhilarating calls quickly took on a life of their own during the 2017 season (I wrote a piece highlighting several of his best). As his camaraderie with his booth partner, the “Bulldog” Orel Hershiser blossomed over the 2017/2018 seasons, it quickly became obvious that the Dodgers had yet again hired one of the very best in the business in Joe.

Listening to the easy banter between the two of them became just as entertaining as the play on the field.

So, as this memorable summer of 2019 unfolded and I looked…

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