July 26, 2021

Astros’ sign-stealing scandal: MLB facing major questions (New York Post)

Imagine if the Patriots dominated the past 18 years of the NFL, tallying equal parts glory and controversy, only they didn’t feature a GOAT quarterback married to a model, a head coach who makes Emperor Palpatine of “Star Wars” fame seem like a softie or a trouble-finding owner who revels in a good public fight.

That’s why Major League Baseball has an Astros problem it must remedy in swift fashion.

Just as the Brandon Taubman scandal and its ugly aftermath dominated the World Series until the Nationals’ remarkable comeback in Houston, you couldn’t stroll more than 10 feet at this past week’s general managers’ meetings without bumping into a non-Astros executive livid with the allegations logged by pitchers Mike Fiers and Danny Farquhar (in The Athletic), and soon after bolstered by video evidence, that the 2017 Astros had utilized an illegal, electronic sign-stealing system at Minute Maid Park.

Now the Yankees and their fans feel their AL Championship Series loss that season — during which they won all three games at Yankee Stadium and lost all four games at Minute Maid — didn’t result from fair play.

We’ll get into the ethics, legalities and…

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