July 23, 2021

Dodgers Cody Bellinger Named 2019 NL Most Valuable Player (Dodgers Nation)

Finally, Cody Bellinger has his 2019 Most Valuable Player Award for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Indeed, during his age-23 season; the numbers on the back of his card will forever beautifully represent the season in which he won the award. Equally important, Bellinger is etched in Dodgers’ history in becoming the first MVP in the franchise since Clayton Kershaw (2014) and Kirk Gibson (1988). Now, Bellinger is the sixth Dodgers’ player to win the award while playing in Los Angeles.

Obviously, winning an MVP is the highest distinction and individual award that a player can earn. Simply, it’s the gold-standard; there is a certain level of legacy cemented once a player has won the award. Certainly, Bellinger should be looked at as one of the elite few in the game of baseball; and the greatness of his 2019 season can never be taken away from him.

Therefore, how did Bellinger win this award?

First, he ended the season with a .305/406/.629 slash line. This was good for a 1.035 OPS to go along with 47 home runs,…

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