July 23, 2021

Dodgers: 3 Things Kenley Jansen Should Focus on in the Off-Season (Dodgers Nation)

Kenley Jansen was a polarizing figure for many Dodger fans in 2019. While he wasn’t bad by any stretch, he wasn’t the dominant closer fans had been accustomed to for so long. “California Love” used to be the song signaling a Dodgers win on the horizon, but the past two years it has produced mostly grunts. Fans were not afraid to voice their displeasure all season long.

Just looking at irrational reactions does not do Kenley justice, as while not up to his standards, he did not have a shabby year at all.

Kenley Jansen (2019)
ERA 3.71
FIP 3.48
K% 30.4%
BB% 6.1%
Saves 33/41

The eight blown saves are what sticks out the most, and is the driving force behind Dodger fans’ displeasure. Kenley hasn’t been able to adjust to the new pitcher that he is, where his cutter moves at 91 MPH instead of 95. He will need to morph into a different type of pitcher this offseason, and…

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