July 29, 2021

Sarris: How the various WARs could affect the award races (The Athletic)

At least one award this week should be easy enough to figure out. The leader in that race has better numbers no matter which brand of Wins Above Replacement you use and the error bars are smaller around his performance, and so hopefully there won’t be too much bellyaching after that one is announced. (Hey, wishful thinking never hurt anyone.)

But there are other awards that will swing widely depending on if you use Baseball Prospectus’ WARP or FanGraphs’ fWAR or Baseball-Reference’s bWAR. And that’s not necessarily an indictment of the stat. The frameworks are similar, but some of the decisions about what goes into the sauce are different, and so we get — at times — a fairly wide spread. Doesn’t mean the whole thing is bunk, it just means that one site deals with certain inputs slightly differently than another.

Given our difficulty putting a fine number on defensive contributions, WAR shouldn’t really be considered…

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